After almost a year of starting the project to reproduce endangered orchids with Permalution fog water technology, we share the achievements, challenges, and impact this project is creating.

Permalution, a startup focused on fog water harvesting technology and innovation, has received support from different organizations and is now saving orchids on the brink of extinction as part of a wildfire mitigation strategy

So, what’s new since 2020?

In 2019 the Canadian-Mexican startup Permalution installed the first phase for its fog harvesting project in Nayarit. After gathering the first results, the government of Nayarit -SEDESU saw the scope of this abundant water source in the state and offers a great opportunity to build their next prototype and validate the technology for a wildfire mitigation strategy and reforestation project.

California´s Fog Scene
Radar de Niebla y Lluvia en La Noria, Tepic.


Technology and innovation for fog water harvesting and climate change solutions

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