After almost a year of starting the project to reproduce endangered orchids with Permalution fog water technology, we share the achievements, challenges, and impact this project is creating.

Orchids are globally recognized as a symbol of beauty, elegance, and love. However, today many of these species are in danger of extinction.

In this note, we will tell you how the Canadian cleantech startup Permalution, in collaboration with the Secretariat of Sustainable Development of the State of Nayarit and a group of expert biologists, are saving two of these species that are on the brink of extinction, and are now looking to expand the project even further.

Orchids blooming thanks to this initiative

Last year, it was established that a greenhouse would be installed in the natural protected area Sierra de Juan, with an irrigation…

Permalution, a startup focused on fog water harvesting technology and innovation, has received support from different organizations and is now saving orchids on the brink of extinction as part of a wildfire mitigation strategy

Since the beginning of the pandemic, climate change has gained a new focus, and Permalution has been thriving through these challenging times. Priscila Casillas, Permalution’s Chief of Operations and Director for LATAM, shares some of the challenges and lessons learned so far from this magnificent project.

So, what’s new since 2020?

Permalution has received support on behalf of UNLEASH and Chemonics at the beginning of 2020. A few months later, Permalution was awarded the Catalyst Grant on behalf of the Roddenberry Foundation. With this support, they have been able to gain more traction and support for their ongoing and new projects. …

In 2019 the Canadian-Mexican startup Permalution installed the first phase for its fog harvesting project in Nayarit. After gathering the first results, the government of Nayarit -SEDESU saw the scope of this abundant water source in the state and offers a great opportunity to build their next prototype and validate the technology for a wildfire mitigation strategy and reforestation project.

Permalution is a Startup that focuses on innovative technology for climate change solutions focused on fog water and now expanding to other water sources. After winning the 3rd place at the Singularity University Mexico Summit Challenge to impact 10 million people in 10 years. Tatiana was invited to present at Talent Nights Nayarit, where the Startup was invited on behalf of the Ministry of Education and SEDESU Nayarit, to plan a prototype on the Natural Protected Area Cerro de San Juan. n bring about significant growth issues in your greenery enclosure.

Fog covering the Cerro de San Juan, where the project is being held. Photo credit: La Noria.

Building a Fog Water Mass for Wildfire Mitigation


Good news amid the Covid19 situation. Permalution is announced as recipient of the Roddenberry Catalyst Fund at the end of April 2020. The grant will be used to develop a wildfire mitigation strategy using fog technology at a natural protected area in Mexico.

Permalution’s Water Radar measuring fog data

The Roddenberry Foundation (TRF) makes catalytic, timely investments in original ideas and extraordinary people who can change the world. Through three core programs we cast a wide net to uncover and support these great, often untested ideas and the individuals and organizations whose vision and leadership have the potential to bring them to fruition. …

Cleantech startup founded and led by women from Canada and Jalisco wins funding and in-kind support at Unleash Innovation Lab 2019 and carries operations in Mexico.

It has been quite an end of 2019 for our startup Permalution. During November 2019, we attended the Unleash Innovation Lab, held in Shenzhen, China. Where over a thousand talents arrived to work on solutions for the Sustainable Development Goals. …

These journal entries were written back in 2016, during our first discovery stages of the startup Permalution, while researching about the fog water scene in San Francisco, CA.

California´s Fog Scene

February 28, 2016

After over a year of working and researching into California's water scenario, drought, and its stakeholders, something I have learned about the whole water landscape, is that it is very special.

I went to EPA’s public hearings in Sacramento, bought a bag of organic strawberries in the town’s farmer market, and took a front-row seat and observed the panels, the groups, the problems, the chairwomen and chairmen’s reactions. For…

Un pequeño paso para Tepic, un gran paso la humanidad

Radar de Niebla y Lluvia en La Noria, Tepic.

El 26 de marzo 2019, la Startup canadiense Permalution, instaló la primera fase para su proyecto de captura de niebla en Nayarit. El gobierno de Nayarit — SEDERMA, vio el alcance de esta fuente de agua que abunda en el estado, y aunque hay muchas fuentes de agua viables en Nayarit, el estado ofrece una gran oportunidad para prototipar y validar la tecnología e innovación para la captura de niebla, especialmente para mitigación de incendios forestales y reforestación.

Permalution es un Startup (emprendimiento de alto impacto) que se enfoca en…


Technology and innovation for fog water harvesting and climate change solutions

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