After almost a year of starting the project to reproduce endangered orchids with Permalution fog water technology, we share the achievements, challenges, and impact this project is creating.

Orchids blooming thanks to this initiative

Permalution, a startup focused on fog water harvesting technology and innovation, has received support from different organizations and is now saving orchids on the brink of extinction as part of a wildfire mitigation strategy

So, what’s new since 2020?

In 2019 the Canadian-Mexican startup Permalution installed the first phase for its fog harvesting project in Nayarit. After gathering the first results, the government of Nayarit -SEDESU saw the scope of this abundant water source in the state and offers a great opportunity to build their next prototype and validate the technology for a wildfire mitigation strategy and reforestation project.

Fog covering the Cerro de San Juan, where the project is being held. Photo credit: La Noria.

Permalution’s Water Radar measuring fog data

California´s Fog Scene

Radar de Niebla y Lluvia en La Noria, Tepic.


Technology and innovation for fog water harvesting and climate change solutions

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